Gamma Group

Gamma Group - supplier of network and server equipment

Electronic Components

Servers equipment, network hardware and electronic components provider

About us
GAMMA GROUP was organized in 2008 as a community of qualified managers, with extensive experience in various IT structures (resellers, distributors,integrators, representations of vendors, state structures).
Work formula

From the beginning, we determined for ourselves the optimal work formula:

  • price as the most important factor in sales
  • an individual approach, we work with people, not with 'customers'
  • maximum order processing speed
  • timely, free shipping
Europe and America suppliers

More than 70 suppliers in Europe and America:

  • 50 distributors in key areas (the whole range of equipment from the manufacturer)
  • Gamma Group - supplier of network and server equipment
  • wholesale bases
  • resellers

This gives us the opportunity:

  1. promptly assess the situation on the market
  2. very often we find what the others can not find, or do not want to
  3. depending on the deadlines you have always a choice: speedorder execution or the optimal price
  4. work on individual conditions.

Asia: we are exporting equipment directly from China, Malaysia, Taiwan, etc.