Gamma Group

GAMMA GROUP was organized in 2008 as a community of qualified managers, withextensive experience in various IT structures (resellers, distributors,integrators, representations of vendors, state structures).

From the beginning, we determined for ourselves the optimal work formula:

  • price as the most important factor in sales
  • an individual approach, we work with people, not with 'customers'
  • maximum order processing speed
  • timely, free shipping

More than 70 suppliers in Europe and America:

  • 50 distributors in key areas (the whole range of equipment from the manufacturer)
  • Gamma Group - supplier of network and server equipment
  • wholesale bases
  • resellers

More than 70 suppliers in Europe and America:

  • distributors
  • big resellers
  • manufacturers stock
  • local production

Asia: we are exporting equipment directly from China, Malaysia, Taiwan, etc.

This gives us the opportunity:

  • promptly assess the situation on the market
  • very often we find what the others can not find, or do not want to
  • constant monitoring of prices and trade flows of suppliers in Russia and abroad
  • depending on the deadlines you have always a choice: speedorder execution or the optimal price
  • work on individual conditions.